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Enriched Corn Meal

Corn meal is a type of meal or flour, made by grounding sweet corn. It is available in white, red, blue and yellow varieties, which depend on the type of corn used. Corn meal is gluten-free and corn meal products are a native staple food of US. Cornmeal is commonly mixed with wheat flour, which lends a crumbly texture in baked goods like cornbread or corn muffin.
For an ingredient to be considered enriched with a nutrient it must have at least 10% more of the Daily Value of that nutrient than an ingredient of the same type that isnít enriched.
Corn meal is extensively used for making tamales, tortillas, arepas, fry bread and popular Mexican drink. Corn meals are also sprinkled on baking tray to prevent dishes from sticking. An array of recipes is prepared using corn meal as an additional ingredient, like fufu in Africa, injera in Ethiopia and Iahoh in Eritrea. Polenta is a typical dish made from corn meal in many South American countries. Cong congee is a tasty porridge made from plain corn meal.
Health Benefits
Nutritional property of corn meal is quite impressive. Corn meal is an excellent source of fiber, fat, protein and carbohydrates and ideal as an integral part of a balanced diet. Rich in antioxidants, cornmeal is indeed a healthy choice as it sinks the level of cholesterol, manage diabetes and also prevent cancer, muscular degeneration and cardiovascular disease. The fiber contained in corn meal promotes colon health and prevent constipation. A rich source of nutrients, corn meal is a natural disease control.
Health Concerns
Corn is valued for its nutritional profile and as such, it does not cause any negative effects on health. However, it is good to have it in proper quantity, as it is rich in fat.
Other Names
Corn flour, maize flour, Coarse flour

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