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FD&C Blue 2 Lake (E132) What is this number?  [C16H8N2Na2O8S2]

Blue 2 is a synthetic chemical produced by the fusion of sodium phenylgycinate and indoxyl in a mixture of sodamide and caustic soda. Indigo is the blue dye naturally derived from plants while indigotine is a petroleum product. Blue 2 is used as artificial coloring, mainly to make the products visually appealing and for marketing purposes.
FD&C stands for "Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Colors." These colors are FDA approved and certified for use in foods in the United States.

Lake colors are color pigments created by mixing a form of aluminum or calcium with FD&C colors.
Artificial coloring like blue 2 are usually used as an ingredient in low nutritional value foods like gelatine desserts, ice cream, biscuits, soda pop, candies, cereals, sports drinks, soft drinks and pet foods. They are also added to tablets and capsules. Blue 2 is also used as a biological stain, photometric detector and diagnostic aid like kidney function tests.
Health Benefits
The Food and Drug Administration declared Blue 2 as a safe ingredient for food and food supplements. However, blue 2 does not add any nutritive value to food and because there are no reports of human studies about the product, its safety is still questionable.
Health Concerns
Blue 2 has been known to cause hyperactivity, chromosomal damage, nausea, high blood pressure, vomiting, breathing problems, allergic reactions and skin rashes. This chemical has been found to cause brain cancer in rats. Blue 2 has been banned in Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia and the British Commonwealth.
Other Names
Indigo carmine, 5,5'-indigodisulfonic acid sodium salt, indigotine, FD&C Blue #2, Indigo Blue

Some products with FD&C Blue 2 Lake

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Comments about FD&C Blue 2 Lake

Kyle Jones
You really need to put in citations for the health concerns. I'm doing a report on this topic and all the studies I can find on rats show no incidence of cancer or toxicity at all. Citations would be helpful!
Tuesday, July 23, 2013 | Reply
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