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Red 40 (E129) What is this number?  [C18H14N2Na2O8S2]

Allura Red AC in strawberry soft drink
Allura Red AC in strawberry soft drink
Courtesy of Wikipedia
Red 40 is a food dye used as an ingredient to give food an appealing red color. Its chemical name is disodium-6-hydroxy-5((2-methoxy-5-4-sulfophenyol)azo)-2-napthalenesulfonate. Red 40 is a dark red powder that was originally derived from coal tar, but is now derived from petroleum.
Red 40 is used to impart an appealing red color to baked goods, candy, drinks, some dairy products, such as yogurt and ice cream, and cereals.
Health Benefits
Red 40 is used to add color to foods and medicines in order to make them more appealing. There are no direct health benefits associated with this food ingredient.
Health Concerns
Some health studies have linked the consumption of Red 40 with hyperactivity, AD/HD, and other behavioral disturbances in children. In adults, some studies have linked consumption of this food ingredient with migraines, stomach upset, and cancer.
Other Names
Allura Red, Food Red 17, C.I. 16035, FD&C Red 40,[1][2] 2-naphthalenesulfonic acid, 6-hydroxy-5-((2-methoxy-5-methyl-4-sulfophenyl)azo)-, disodium salt, and disodium 6-hydroxy-5-((2-methoxy-5-methyl-4-sulfophenyl)azo)-2-naphthalenesulfonate

Some products with Red 40

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Comments about Red 40

dennis grizzell
I would much rather have food that doesn't look as pretty an is healthy an not harmful for us and our kids
Monday, March 3, 2014 | Reply
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